Thursday, July 09, 2009

Byrd Flap, Cemetery Felony, Olympic Darts and Economic Viagra

Byrd Flap on Cap & Tax:

Senator Robert Byrd (D-Va) is unhappy about Cap & Tax bankrupting a major industry in his state. Bankrupting the coal industry isn't an unintended consequence, but part of the plan as it was described by Obama himself - and yes, it is on video. See that, and get more of the story at Chicago Ray.

Alsip Cemetary Desecration:

ALSIP, Ill. - Four people face felony charges after police found what they called "startling and revolting" conditions at a historic cemetery in the south Chicago suburb of Alsip.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says workers at the cemetery appeared to have dug up more than 100 graves, dumping the bodies into unmarked mass graves and reselling the plots to unsuspecting members of the public. (More . . .)
WGN reports this grisly discovery:
Detectives discovered a pile of bones -- from more than 100 bodies -- decomposed, above ground and uncovered in an overgrown, fenced-off portion of the cemetery, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said

Olympic Darts

From Daily Daley:
Judging by his latest plea, Mayor Daley might need to practice ducking because apparently we're all guilty of throwing darts at the Olympic bid effort. Sounding like the Olympics are our sole possiblity of salvation from some sort of fiscal obliteration, the Mayor said:
This is the only economic engine. We're talking about jobs. We're talking about contracts…coming into Chicago.
Uh-huh. Even if that's true, jobs and contracts for who exactly? Further signaling that this is some sort of last-ditch effort, the Mayor went on to say:
"People can discuss this, but this is the best economic engine we have going. I have nothing [else] up my sleeve."
Here's a dart, there's a dart . . .

Economy needs more . . . viagra?

Warren Buffet thinks the $787 billion of Stimulus No. 1 wasn't enough - it was like half a viagra tablet mixed with candy.
The problem with the first stimulus was that politicians took care of their "constituents," he said, rather than wisely allocating the money - that unprecedented huge sum of money - $787 billion.
Seems they're stimulated to spend still more of our money. Read more at Maggie's Notebook. (Obama supporting counties did make out pretty well, as it turns out.)

Meanwhile, the President's approval numbers continue to decline.


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Thanks much for the link! I think Buffet is having a meltdown.

Pat said...

Agreed! But I'm cynical - makes me wonder what's going on behind the scenes.

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