Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Care Overhaul Supporters Plan Expensive Counterattack

Evidently, the verbal assault (from both politicians and media) on citizens who oppose government overhaul of health care at town hall meetings isn't having the desired effect. In addition to the name-calling, they have insisted that those opposed to healthcare are "astroturfing", implying that the opposition to the plan isn't real. Now, the AFL-CIO is prepared to spend $15 million for "mobilization and communication" to counter what those citizens have to say. Unions are planning to advertise, and the SEIU is sending their members to hundreds of events:

Liberal groups are dispatching members to town-hall meetings with the goal of persuading lawmakers that they are the majority. They are supplying signs that can be printed from Web sites, telling members to buttonhole reporters, and giving suggestions for confronting adversaries.

"Interrupt them when they get disruptive and refocus the meeting," HCAN says in one message to members. "Line up a number of people who feel comfortable interrupting and prepare them with statements."
Now that's odd. Tell me again, what's the definition of astroturfing?

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