Friday, August 07, 2009

Attack on TEA Party Protester in St. Louis, 6 Arrested

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative protester, was attacked outside the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in South St. Louis last night. He was badly injured. (You can see raw video of the arrest at the above link.)

Most of those protesters had to remain outside the meeting, but according to Gateway Pundit, "Carnahan reserved a section at the event for union supporters. He blocked the 1,000 tea party protesters from entering the event and even had his supporters enter in a side door." Patrick Ishmael at Hot Air:

The parking lot at the school was full when I arrived, and people were already crossing the field near the street on their way from their street spots. (Hence, the cars exiting in the line video; there were no spaces to be had.) I had to park three blocks away even as a relatively early arrival; others parked much farther away.

I got into the line immediately after taping it, but not everyone was abiding by the same rules. Carnahan staffers were wandering through the line with a list of “guests” that, as expected, got to jump the line and join the Astroturf of Purple inside. Not sure how many “town halls” operate like a gated community, but this one certainly did.
See the whole report at Hot Air Green Room for videos and pictures, including photos of those branded a "dangerous mob" by the media, and a letter from an eyewitness who was with Kenneth Gladney claiming that the attackers were members of the SEIU. More here, here and here.

UPDATE: Looks like some of those bothersome constituents were locked out in Tampa, too.

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