Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Has Obama Danced Too Fast?

The candidate of "hope" is certainly exactly that. The left is hoping he isn't right-leaning. The center is hoping they hear what they think they're hearing. I'm hoping against hope that if this Chicago-corruption-steeped chameleon actually wins, that disapproval of the administration will not become "racist", instead of the noble 'act of patriotism' the left now claims it is. More than that, I hope that some measure of truth will dawn in their minds before that happens. (Optimistic, no?)
Micheal Powell, International Herald Tribune:

Senator Barack Obama is forcefully addressing concerns that he has moved too quickly to the political center, acknowledging complaints from "my friends on the left" about his statements on Iraq, his approaches to evangelicals and his remarks on other issues that have alarmed some of his supporters.

"Look, let me talk about the broader issue, this whole notion that I am shifting to the center," he told a town hall-style meeting on Tuesday in this Atlanta suburb. "The people who say this apparently haven't been listening to me.

"I am someone who is no doubt progressive," he said, adding that he believed in universal health care and that government had a strong role to play in overseeing financial institutions and cracking down on abuses in bankruptcies and the like.

He moved "too quickly" to the center. (Correction - he says he didn't. Let me know when that changes and I'll take this out.) The quick rhetorical changes are surprising, since he surely must know the old how-to-boil-a-frog analogy. (Maybe that's unimportant for these particular frogs, who joyously, zealously believe they're in a jacuzzi.) One thing is certain. His stated positions (when they're intelligible) are fast-moving, ever-changing targets.

(More flips, deceptions and revelations, here, here, here, here, and here. A really scary one here. Tons more here.)

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